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Rehab. No, France has not been accused of a crime against humanity

Would the International Criminal Court be investigating France? According to several Facebook pages related to yellow vests like Wrath 44, a complaint against Emmanuel Macron and Christophe Castaner was “ recognized admissible By the ICC and would be ” in the training phase under the file number OTP.CR 273/19, in a deafening silence of the French media “.

Singer Francis Lalanne, who is close to yellow jackets, went to the ICC on June 11 to denounce: crime against humanity “, because of ” Serious wounds among protesters and police ” or some ” arbitrary arrests Since the beginning of the protest movement.

Contacted by Désintox, ICC spokesman Fadi El Abdallah said: ” Anyone can send information to the prosecutor's office. It is he who decides whether or not to open a preliminary examination “. But to date, there is no release, preliminary examination or investigation of France among the current files presented on the ICC website.

So what is the number of the complaint disseminated by many Internet users? ” This is actually a file number opened by the prosecutor's office when we gave him the first elements in June Says lawyer Sophia Albert-Salmeron, who confirms that there has been nothing new since. According to her, Internet users may have interpreted the silence of the prosecutor as evidence of an ongoing investigation. But this silence can be simply linked to the fact that the prosecutor is drowning in the files!

The time of justice has nothing to do with that of the internet …

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