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Rehab. No, François Hollande does not touch 36,000 euros of retirement per month

Some rumors die hard. In full swing on the pension reform, many Internet users are insurgent to learn that François Hollande would receive 36,000 euros of pension per month. In twenty-four hours, a video was shared 20,000 times. It is thus found on many groups of yellow vests or on the group All united against banks.

This is in fact a story from iTel, the ancestor of C News, which dates from 2014. It takes up a news item from the time of the weekly Marianne, which had done its calculations. By accumulating the various pensions to which the former president was supposed to be entitled, Marianne estimated that François Hollande could receive up to 36,000 euros gross per month of retirement. Not only were the amounts mentioned overvalued, but they also took into account the compensation of 12,000 euros gross monthly to which the members of the Constitutional Council, on which the former presidents sit, are entitled.

François Hollande had been quick to deny it since 2014. And for good reason, he had decided not to sit with the Sages. What about today, now that he's been retired for two years? He is still not on the Constitutional Council. And by adding his pensions of former president of the republic, deputy, magistrate of the court of accounts and president of the general council, we arrive around 15,000 euros net monthly. A significant sum certainly, but well below what is mentioned in this video that has gone viral in recent days. Which also forced the chain, seeing that his video was helping to fuel an intoxication, to finally delete it.

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