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Rehab. No, Manon Aubry's internship offer is not underpaid

It’s a small offer that caused a stir. French MEP LFI Manon Aubry published an internship offer on Twitter at the end of January, to find someone who can help their teams with communication. The message, barely posted, provoked strong reactions. In question: remuneration posted at 1200 euros per month.

€ 1200 for all that is required is theft!tackle a surfer. ” Jobs not subject to regulationsironic such other. A third adds: “AWith an intern offer for Manon Aubry, it will take you 71 million months to reach Bernard Arnault's fortune “,” Hello, labor inspection? Asks a fourth. According to one, it is an offerunderpaid “.

In fact, this level of remuneration is perfectly legal, and is within the high average of what is done in the offices of MEPs. Thus, in the European Parliament's regulation on interns, which Désintox was able to consult, it reads: Trainees receive a monthly allowance freely defined by the deputy, in a range between 816 euros and 1339 euros for full-time contracts.

Since 2018, it is mandatory for MEPs to offer compensation to their trainees. Previously, a survey carried out in 2017 by the youth intergroup of parliament showed that before this rule, 8% of trainee employees were unpaid, 4% received less than 300 euros in remuneration, 12% between 300 and 600 euros, 32% between 600 and 1000 euros and 44% more than 1000 euros. If they are not yet paid like deputies, we are far from an offer ” underpaid “.

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