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Rehab. No, Mila did not create a kitty to record a disc

In Balance your post, the floor returns to Christophe Frot France Maghreb 2 radio host, who says: ” this young lady she had these words, and the next day, she does not hesitate to launch a prize pool asking 15,000 euros to record a disc. “Contacted by Désintox, the host says he found this info” on social media “.

On Twitter, from January 22, at the very beginning of the controversy, there are many messages, sometimes shared several hundred times, mentioning the teenager’s opening of a kitty. In fact, a collection called Support for Mila #JeSuisMila did exist on the Leetchi site, in particular, according to legend, to help the ” Instagrammer who criticized Islam “And fight” an attack on our freedom of expression “.

This page – where there was no mention of an album – has now been deleted. And the Leetchi platform justifies the removal of the pot from Désintox, on which not a single euro would have been deposited, because the person responsible for the collection was not actually Mila. Which also confirms the interested party. ” It would have been nice if the info had been checked before going to Hanouna … Adds his lawyer Richard Malka.

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