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Rehab. No, phoning while driving will not cancel your driver's license

Please note, telephone while driving = cancellation of license. The law has been passed since January 1, 2020. Already more than 100 licenses canceled. This is what an image shared thousands of times on Facebook announces in purple letters in a few days.

In fact, the use of the telephone while driving will be punished more severely than before. But the permit will not necessarily be canceled, and the novelty does not exactly date from January 1. The publication refers to the mobility orientation law, published in the Official Journal on December 26, which toughens the traffic laws in this area. The use of the telephone while driving, when accompanied by an additional offense, can now lead to the suspension of a driver's license. For example, if you call by speeding, burning a fire, or denying priority. But the license is not canceled, it is suspended six months maximum. This penalty is valid for one year in the event of a traffic accident resulting in the death of a person, in the event of alcoholic driving or under the influence of drugs.

The sole use of the telephone while driving, without simultaneous violation, is liable to a fine of 135 euros and the withdrawal of three license points. A license cancellation must be pronounced by a judge and concerns the most serious offenses. To say that using your phone while driving is now enough to cancel a license may lead people to be more careful, but that is a big exaggeration.

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