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Rehab. No the government is not responsible for a reduction in housing aid

At the beginning of February, people receiving housing assistance discovered the new amount of the latter. Sometimes with spite and anger. On social networks, many internet users are so sorry for the drop in their APL, and blame it on government policy.

Except that if a reform of the APL calculation method was well planned, and was to apply on January 1, it was postponed for a few months and will not come into force until the beginning of April. The amount of aid for early 2020 is therefore still the fruit of the old method of calculation. Neither Emmanuel Macron nor the majority are there for anything.

As for many years, housing aid has been calculated in the vast majority of cases on the basis of income from year n-2. For 2020, it is therefore the income from 2018 that has been taken into account. With the April reform, however, the amount of aid will be recalculated each quarter to adjust its amount to the real situation of beneficiaries.

If some people may have thought that the reform was already applying at the start of the year, it is because there is already a derogatory mechanism. Thanks to this mechanism, called “flat rate evaluation”, CAF takes into account the recent income of the recipient if he has experienced a significant change in financial situation. When he has found a job, for example, CAF calculates the amount of the APL based on the new salary, and not on the income for year n-2.

But according to the explanations given by the national family allowance fund to Désintox, this device dates from 1978. Nothing new, therefore, apart from a serious distrust of the beneficiaries of the APL.

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