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Rehab. No, there were no police breakers during the December 5 protests

But what are the police doing ? Asks this user on Twitter in comment of a video, posted under the #grevegenerale hashtag has been viewed more than 100,000 times. Shot by a surveillance camera, we see men in helmets, in riot gear, baton blows in a facade or window and run away. We will be entitled to false breaks to better beat protesters “, Wrote the one who posted the video first on Instagram, before deleting it.

Both Internet users refer directly to the mobilization day of December 5th. Be careful not to mention that these images of police breakers do not come from France. Indeed the video had already been published on YouTube the day before yesterday, by the Persian antenna of the BBC and November 29 by an Iranian media. According to these two media, the scene takes place in Iran, in an upscale neighborhood of the city of Shiraz.

Contacted by Désintox, the Iranian fact-checker in exile, Farhad Souzanchi confirms that these images shake the country for several days. According to him, many are sure that these men are police, given their equipment. The Iranian police pretend that anyone can buy the clothes worn by their agents.

Note that it is not only French Internet users who wanted to believe that these images showed police officers from their country. The rumor also stopped in Lebanon, where the security forces had to crack a denial, and ask Internet users not to disseminate false information.

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