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Rehab. No, Tiphaine Auzière, stepdaughter of Emmanuelle Macron, is not a lawyer for the CFDT

What is Emmanuel Macron's daughter-in-law, Tiphaine Auzière, doing in the middle of the pension reform? While the CFDT welcomed the announcement by Edouard Philippe of a concession on the pivotal age, the opponents of the reform and the reformist union believed, this weekend, to raise a hare and a potential conflict of interests between Laurent Berger’s union and the government: Brigitte Macron’s daughter is said to be the CFDT’s lawyer. This would mark the collusion between the executive and the union.

Internet users, including some accusing tweets have been relayed thousands of times, Based on a file from the Grands Avocats website, which writes that ” Tiphaine Auzière, lawyer, is also a union defender at the CFDT.

In reality, the daughter of Brigitte Macron, a fervent and claimed supporter of the president, was a union defender at the CFDT but it was ten years ago when she was still a student. And it’s not the same as being a lawyer. Contacted by Desintox, she explains: “ As part of our studies, we must do an internship outside a law firm, for an individual educational project. I spent just over six months at Betor-Pub CFDT, the union's new economy branch, assisting members.

Thereafter became a lawyer specializing in labor law, Tiphaine Auzière continues to defend employees. But not the CFDT. It does not appear in the directory of union lawyers, listing the councils who regularly collaborate with the reformist organization.

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