Sunday , September 20 2020

Science Gallery PERFECTION

The PERFECTION trailer from Science Gallery explores the ritualization of artificial intelligence at a ceremony animated by digital shamans on a test subject. This experiment examines the uncontrollable imperfections that occur when working with the human body, in contrast to the controlled and programmable systems of artificial intelligence. How can we reevaluate and imagine new algorithmic paradigms encompassing imperfection, accidents and disorder?

PERFECTION opens its doors in September 2018 at the Melbourne School of Design at the University of Melbourne. From the angle of artists, musicians, mathematicians, architects, designers, psychologists and surgeons, the Science Gallery Melbourne will explore what it means to seek perfection in an imperfect world.

Commissioned by the Melbourne Science Gallery.

Director / Producer – Lucy McRae
Photo Director – Shaun Dougherty
Photographer / Co-producer – Jesse Marlow
Production Assistant – Ross Bird
Steadicam Operator – Grant Sweetman
Focus Extractor – Ben Bryan
Gaffer – Savage Movie, Tom Savige, Hannah Palmer
Location – Five Easey Upstairs
Photogrammetry – siii Projects, Ben Waters
Researchers in Human-Computer Interaction – Dr. Niels Wouters, Nicholas Smith
Motion Graphic Artist – Brendan Ho
Art Department – Luke McMahon, Phin Muir, Marcus Shanahan
Prop Manufacturing – Boom Studios
Costume Design – Lucy McRae, Steven Swain
Harness for the face – Simone Agius, Mick Peel
Music – Wayne Joseph Kington
Composer – Dave Abbott
Colorist – Tim Wreyford
Digital Shamans – Kurt Pimblett, Eamon Dunphye, Benjamin Goss, Caitlin Costello
Test subject – Lucy McRae

Special thanks to Arla Marlow, Lindy Dobson and Steven Swain

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