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Several sovereign ministries and the Paris judicial tribunal targeted by cyber attacks

At the end of last week, many actors in the legal world had the unpleasant surprise of receiving an email in their professional mailbox from a sender (whose identity corresponded to a known interlocutor), showing the history of some actual exchanges that have taken place in the past but behind which hid a hacking attempt, as revealed on September 5, Sunday Newspaper.

The services of the Ministry of Justice, several jurisdictions including the Paris Court of Justice, but also certain Parisian lawyers were recipients of these emails without it being possible to affirm that such or such was precisely targeted. The Paris prosecutor, Rémy Heitz, who is among those targeted, decided in the wake of opening a preliminary investigation into “Attack against automated processing systems for personal data implemented by the State” and entrusted the conduct of the investigations to the General Directorate of Internal Security (DGSI).

“Protection systems detected and hampered most of the attacks and the situation remained under control”, indicates a source close to the case. ” The impact on operations was minimal “, we assure the side of the judicial tribunal of Paris. Some acts, however, had to be postponed. Lawyer Jean-Marc Delas told the World that he had not been able to use his computer for more than a day, and that after opening the email, several people around him had in turn received emails allegedly sent by him.

At the same time, the Interior Ministry was subject to a similar offensive. In a message distributed on September 2 to its agents, and of which The world became aware, the ministry warned against “Thousands of emails with a malicious attachment” who “Usurp an identity belonging to the ministry” and whose content includes “Legitimate topics and old posts”. Sunday, Place Beauvau indicated “filter” documents in “.doc” formats to prevent contamination.

“It's pretty massive”

The investigators of the DGSI will have to raise an important uncertainty: did the hackers knowingly target sovereign actors? Early evidence suggests that this was a larger attack that did not specifically target the world of justice.

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