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“Sherlock”, “Walking Dead”, “Ten percent” … Here are your top 10 best series of the decade

At the end of the online survey, here is the ranking of the 10 series that you think marked the period 2010-2019.

It's time to update. As we prepare to switch to a new decade, Franceinfo invites you to discover the top 10 series that have marked these last ten years. To achieve this classification, a list of 100 series, the first season of which was launched from 2010, was submitted to a vote by Internet users. And you were more than 16,000 to contribute to this final selection, which includes three original Netflix series. Four series are available in France on the competing SVoD platform, OCS, and two are now complete. Finally, you have acclaimed a French series. Here are the final results.

10“Ten percent” (3 seasons, 2015 -?)

Only French series to rise in this ranking, Ten percent is also the only comedy. Broadcast on France 2 since the start of the 2015 school year, the series by Fanny Herrero, which features actors' agents, stands out each season with its cast of stars, delighted with roles where self-deprecation takes precedence.

Isabelle Huppert, Christophe Lambert and even Béatrice Dalle have already lent themselves to the game, and we evoke Charlotte Gainsbourg or even the American actress Sigourney Weaver in season 4, expected in 2020. A French success which is exported, since the concept of the series must be adapted in four countries, including China and the United Kingdom.

9“The Walking Dead” (10 seasons, 2010 -?)

For ten seasons now, a band of survivors has been trying to cope in a world mostly populated by zombies. Adapted from the comic book by the American Robert Kirkman (whose publication has just ended in the United States), The Walking Dead stands the test of time. In addition to Fear the walking dead broadcast since 2015, the series will be entitled to a second spin-off, which will be broadcast during 2020 on Prime Video. This will take place more than ten years after the start of the zombie apocalypse, according to In France, The Walking Dead and Fear the walking dead are available on OCS.

8“Sherlock” (4 seasons, 2010 -?)

Modernized adaptation of the adventures of detective Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) and his friend Doctor Watson (Martin Freeman), imagined over a century ago by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock stood out during its broadcast on France 4 from 2011. The series is now broadcast in more than 180 countries and available on Netflix. As for a future season 5, it is currently only hypothetical. His two co-authors, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, have been very busy with their new series, a reboot of Dracula which will start on January 1, 2020 on BBC One before landing three days later on Netflix. And the duo would also consider dusting off the lieutenant's investigations Columbo, depending on the site Radio times (in English).

7“The Handmaid's Tale: The Scarlet Servant” (3 seasons, 2017 -?)

The Handmaid's Tale is an adaptation of the eponymous novel by Margaret Atwood published in 1985, which has found a very special echo in our time. Driven by the masterful interpretation of Elisabeth Moss, the series describes a dystopian universe in which the few women who are still fertile are used to make children of the ruling classes. A dark and violent series perceived, in its first season at least, as a feminist manifesto.

Season 4 has already been confirmed. In France, the series is available in full on OCS.

6“Chernobyl” (one season, 2019)

The shock series of the year 2019 arrives directly in the top 10 of the best series of the decade, and it is not really a surprise. Available in France on OCS, the mini-series co-produced by HBO and Sky Atlantic retraces the events that occurred after the explosion of a nuclear reactor at a power plant near Pripyat (Ukraine) on April 26, 1986. Released this summer, it is quickly became the highest rated series on the IMDb reference site.

Faithful in its reconstruction, it fascinated as much as frightened its spectators by making them live, hour by hour, the disaster. Unexpected consequence, the series even caused a tourist influx in the area around the plant, yet still dangerous. At the 2019 Emmy Awards ceremony, Chernobyl won the prize for the best mini-series, the best director and the best screenplay. She is also named in several categories for the Golden Globes 2020.

5“Black Mirror” (5 seasons, 2011 -?)

Playing on our fears in the face of new technologies and their hypothetical potentials, the anthological series Black mirror quickly established itself among the essentials of the Netflix platform. Especially since a few episodes have proven to be more an anticipation of what is happening in our societies than in pure dystopia. Originally produced by the British channel Channel 4, the new seasons have since passed into the fold of the giant SVoD, which has even declined the concept into an interactive film, Bandersnatch.

Hailed by critics, the series won the International Emmy Award for best mini-series in 2012. A sixth season should see the light of day, although nothing has yet been officially announced.

4“Peaky Blinders” (5 seasons, 2013 -?)

At the end of the First World War, the Peaky Blinders, a gang of former gypsies, brought order to the great city of Birmingham (United Kingdom), then in the midst of an industrial revolution. Led by the charismatic Thomas Shelby (Cillian Murphy) and his brothers, these gangsters rule the city through sports betting, theft, racketeering and alcohol smuggling. This story is based on a veritable band of brigands, so called because they hid a razor blade in their caps. Visually sublime and carried by an impeccable rock soundtrack, the British series (broadcast on BBC 2) has largely won over critics. And obviously knew how to find its audience since you have widely acclaimed it.

In Great Britain, a festival celebrating the show was held for the first time this year. In France, Peaky blinders has been airing since 2015 on Arte and the series is now also available on Netflix. As for the sixth season, shooting should start in early 2020.

3“La Casa de Papel” (3 seasons, 2017 -?)

First aired on the Spanish channel Antena 3 before Netflix acquired its worldwide broadcasting rights, Casa de Papel is the big surprise success of recent years. The story of a crazy robbery initiated by a mysterious man calling himself Professor. His idea: to recruit the eight biggest criminals in Spain and to take hostage for eleven days the Royal Hotel of the Spanish Mint in Madrid in order to print 2.4 billion euros in 50 euro notes.

Biggest non-English speaking success on Netflix, Casa de Papel won the 2018 International Emmy Award 2018 for the best drama series. A success that led the streaming giant to install its first European production studio in Spain. The fourth season will be available on April 3, 2020.

2“Stranger Things” (3 seasons, 2016 -?)

And the most acclaimed Netflix series of the decade is … Stranger Things, which collects more than 35% of votes. By creating a show that draws on the best of the 1980s, the directors, the Duffer brothers, have hit the nail on the head. Multiplying references to science fiction films of the time (The Goonies, AND., Poltergeist, etc), Stranger things quickly became a cult series for all generations. Madeleine for some, access by proxy to an era that they did not know for others, the series contributed to the return of hype from those years which made fluorescent rhyme with bike and to popularize his band of very young actors, led by Millie Bobby Brown.

Season 3, broadcast this summer, has broken audience records and a fourth season is already ordered.

1“Game of Thrones” (8 seasons, 2011 – 2019)

We are no longer presenting the series of all records, whose dissemination ended this year, to the dismay of its fans. You were more than half of the voters to designate it as one of the major series of the decade. We will not make you the affront to summarize you this saga (a dark story of conquest of power sprinkled with dragons and zombies) inspired by the novels (them, still being published) of the now world famous American, George RR Martin. If you haven't seen it yet (yes, it exists), the series is available in full on OCS.

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