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simple gestures for nature and planet Earth


Contaminated rivers or soils, abandoned industrial waste … Do you live near a polluted site?
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The consumer pyramid first recommends using what you have, then borrowing, exchanging, buying second-hand, making and finally buying, preferably organic and fair trade. Consume less is good. Throwing less is even better. Each French person throws away an average of 88 kg of packaging every year. To avoid waste, liquid soap or coffee capsules can be omitted.

Laying hens go to the slaughterhouse when they are 18 months old. The start-up Poule House offers to collect them. The start-up Poule pour tous offers to adopt poultry if you have a garden. She will lay eggs, feed on 150 kg of food waste per year.

We can act to save the planet by changing our habits on the internet. An email sent corresponds to 5 and 10 grams of CO2 per year, or 410 million tonnes of CO2 per year for all emails. Solutions: use an application that removes unnecessary emails, limit attachments and recipients and do not log in to social media once a week.

Franceinfo is a partner in the “Let's act together for the environment” consultation with If you want to participate, you can propose your ideas and vote on that of the other participants in the module below.

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