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singer Bilal Hassani and dancer Lizzy Howell want to inspire young generations

Lizzy Howell, 18, is obese, and his passion is dance. Two years ago, the young American girl posted a video that made the buzz on the Web. There she performed, with perfect mastery, a classical dance figure. His ease impressed Bilal Hassani, France's candidate for Eurovision 2019. “I invent my life / Don't ask me who I am”, “I am not in the codes / It bothers a lot”said the words of his song King.

The atypical youtubeur and singer recognized himself in the history of Lizzy and he offered to share the Eurovision scene with him. He made the same proposal to another young woman, Lin Ching Lan, Taiwanese and … deaf. “It's the hardest thing, but the most beautiful thing I've ever done”, confides Lizzy, very moved, to “Special Envoy”. The journalists went to meet her in New York, where Bilal joined her after a busy 2019 year …

“The impossible is always possible”

“The impossible is always possible, says Bilal. Lin has never heard a sound in her life, and she dances. Lizzy, we always told her she didn't have the right to dance because she didn't have the body for – and she did it anyway. And I was told that I could never be a recognized singer because I could not sell with my identity – the fact that I was gay, of Moroccan origin, and that, in addition, I wear wigs. So I was told it was impossible … And I did it anyway. “

Three routes, three desires of the same generation to shake up consciousness, to impose its difference. Three stories previously overlooked by television, but which Bilal Hassani's breathtaking Eurovision performance helped “tell 300 million people”.

“It may be transmitted little by little”

The young American has a lot in common with Bilal Hassani: she too is becoming a star in her country, she too dreams of a world without standards, where everyone would be free to be themselves, without being judged . Lizzy has hope: “If we can inspire new generations, encourage them to feel good about themselves, it may be transmitted little by little, and one day things will change.” “Yes, approves Bilal. We are setting milestones … “

Extract from “Bilal, the song of freedom”, a portrait to be seen in “Special envoy” on January 23, 2020.

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