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Sinofuturism (1839 – 2046 AD)

"Sinofuturism is an invisible movement, a spectrum already embedded in one trillion industrial products, one billion individuals and one million veiled stories." It's a movement, not based on individuals, but on multiple fluxes that overlap.Flow of populations, of products, Because sinofuturism appeared without conscious intention or author, it is often confused with contemporary China, but this is not the case, it is a science- fiction that already exists.

Sinofuturism is a video essay combining elements of science fiction, documentary melodrama, social realism and Chinese cosmologies, with the aim of criticizing the current dilemmas of China and the people of its diaspora.

In reference to Afrofuturism and Gulf Futurism, sinofuturism presents a critical and playful approach to reversing cultural clichés.

In Western media and orientalist perceptions, China is exotic, strange, bizarre, kitsch, cheap or cheap. In its national media, China has been described as heroic, stable, historic, grand and unified. Instead of thwarting these skewed stories, Sinofuturism proposes to push them much further.

By embracing seven key stereotypes of Chinese society (computer science, copy, games, studies, addiction, work and games), he shows how China's technological development can be seen as a form of artificial intelligence. "

Broadcast for the first time as part of the radio study day at the Wysing Arts Center on August 21, 2016.

Thanks to: Joni Zhu, Steve Goodman, Zhexi Zhang Gary, Deforrest Brown, Samantha Culp, Justin Kim, Stephanie Bailey, Alvin Li,, After Us, Umbrella Movie & Video, UCCA, Wysing Arts Center

Chinese subtitles of Wenfei Wang for "The New Normal", an exhibition at the UCCA, Beijing.

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