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Social networks: millionaire youtuber children

At the top of the world ranking, a very young American. Ryan is 8 years old, he became famous at 3 years old with a video on YouTube which garnered 1.2 billion views. With a YouTube channel named after him, the boy became a star by testing toys. His brand “Ryan's world” is now sold in stores. She understands figurines, bikes, mystery eggs …

Ryan earned 23 million euros in 2018. What to buy a new house for the family, run a company of around 40 employees, and keep his parents full-time filming the videos. “We try to never film when Ryan is stressed, never moments that Ryan would not be proud of when he grows up”, says his father. According to an American study, children's videos on YouTube are viewed three times more than those of adults. According to a survey of 3,000 American children, a third of them want to become a youtubeur.

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