Friday , July 3 2020
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Social networks: online denunciations

Two minors were charged and placed in pre-trial detention. But they would have been identified and reported by another internet user. In recent days, social networks have only been talking about him, “Kobz”. His Twitter account quickly exceeded 20,000 subscribers. Behind this pseudo, a 16 year old teenager. It resolved a rape case in Essonne (Île-de-France) in a few minutes Friday, December 20, while the video of the assault was circulating on the internet.

“I managed to find their first names, and their city. We found the address. So when we saw that we called the number to see if the person really existed, if it was really the potential rapists. And we inferred that it was them. So I put it all on Twitter “, says hacker Kobz anonymously. All this information is widely relayed on social networks. Very quickly threatened on the web, the two suspects surrendered to the police. If the investigation was completed smoothly, the authorities warn these Internet users who become vigilantes.

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