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soon “yellow vests” of the digital divide?

Relay antennas in town (illustration). (VINCENT ISORE / MAXPPP)

While we are told about the arrival of 5G, a study of Credoc unveiled Monday, December 3 tells us that only 61% of French have access to a 4G internet network. Faster, more lively, safer, the 4G is obvious for the inhabitants of big cities, a little less for the French living in municipalities of less than 2 000 inhabitants, since they are only 51% to have access to the 4G and to say again “If you go to Granny's room, you'll get better by opening the window.”

A real territorial divide that accentuates the current anger and this feeling of beside which spreads in the country. Skip the side of modernity while the other is entitled … But what is good is that operators have taken the measure of this shift, in all their advertising, we feel that they have heard the message . Or not actually.

It was a promise of the candidate Macron: cover the territory of a good connection since according to a study published in 2017, in terms of broadband France ranks among the poor European students and far behind South Korea, the India or Bolivia, which may have an advantage since you can easily get in touch with the native. “Hey you have a very good flow, here, you know franceinfo?” A sentence that can be pronounced in front of the Taj Mahal but not in Chéméré-le-Roi in Mayenne which is one of the 541 communes in the white zone.

Faced with digital precariousness, a new social handicap as we push for administrative procedures only on the net, we need more infrastructure. And we end up with the same question, who will pay? Initially the government had thought of a digital solidarity contribution, a tax of 75 cents on Internet subscriptions, but it is not too much atmosphere. In January, the government and the operators launched a $ 3 billion investment plan to try to level the playing field for the entire population. So if today you are high school student in a white area, we can say that, yes, you are in the trend.


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