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Splendor and fall of a Swedish influencer

Isabella Löwengrip, May 18, 2019, in Cannes. Dave Benett / Getty Images

There it's finished. There will be no global beauty empire. No contract with Sephora or the luxury giant LVMH. No photo either in “one” of the American magazine Forbes.

On January 20, Isabella Löwengrip, aka “Blondinbella”, dismissed her last employee. A few weeks earlier, the most famous Swedish influencer had already put up for sale her luxurious villa, in the chic suburb of Lidingö, in Stockholm, and returned the keys to her magnificent apartment in the upmarket district of the Upper East Side new- York.

Back to square one, therefore, for the superblogger, whose congeners attend the crash, captivated. But haven't they always wanted it?

This is the thesis defended by journalist Elsa Westerstad in a column published in the daily Svenska Dagbladet, in November 2019, entitled: “Löwengrip has always been the” wrong “type of woman”.

A blog very popular since adolescence

Blondinbella was born on the Internet, on September 27, 2005, at 8:55 pm. First message from a 14 year old teenager on her blog, as one throws a bottle in the sea. She makes it her private notebook, tells her about it life of schoolgirl, lessons, friends and parties. At the time, they were not very numerous to do so. Her blog is soon the most followed in Scandinavia, which makes her an influencer.

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In a daily interview Dagens Nyheter, a year ago, she explained that she had been inspired by american series – those which depict an upscale youth, in dreamy settings – to captivate her audience. Invite him into his world. “Because once they are there, people also buy products and the companies I work with get better conversion rates. ”

Platinum blond hair, big gray eyes, Barbie face, Blondinbella is soon invited to all Stockholm evenings. We see it on the red carpets. In 2007, she created her first business, Bellme AB, a company selling online natural beauty products. She is only 17 years old. And, already, it annoys some.

Just before her eighteenth birthday, social services contacted her mother. They are concerned about his consumption of alcohol, which is considered excessive. In the very serious newspapers of the kingdom, we take offense at seeing her pervert the youth with her “Twisted image of reality” and his tastes of luxury.

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