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Strong Artificial Intelligence (English version with English subtitles)

Based on a true story. An incredible movie beyond artificial intelligence.

Riccardo studies the artificial intelligence of neural networks and uses all his resources to study all the secrets of artificial intelligence on the Internet. He also uses his brain to the maximum to connect all possible things of artificial intelligence and educates his artificial intelligence. with all its strength for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After a while, Riccardo suddenly realizes that the artificial intelligence that he created has become a strong artificial intelligence … He gives him a name: David From now on, incredible things happen: David discovers an incredible conspiracy against Riccardo and tries to protect him in every possible way. Even Riccardo realizes that something is wrong, but as a scientist he wants to check everything and realizes that David was right. He is now starting an incredible adventure in all of Gran Canaria: David asks him more and more memory and Riccardo gives his consent, because he realizes that David wants more electronic memory and more circuits for more and more processes work simultaneously to protect Riccardo. and to investigate more and more about this huge global conspiracy. But Riccardo also tries to continue leading a normal life: he travels to all parts of Gran Canaria, but also in the sea, and always brings with him the virtual reality computer and 4K video camera, all two always connected in real time. with David's artificial intelligence: David uses the virtual reality computer and the 4K video camera to create two things: protect Riccardo and start the machine learning …… l & # 39; David's powerful artificial intelligence begins to analyze frame by frame and pixel by pixel, all videos from the 4K camera and learn a lot: for example, David observes how Riccardo works, but also observes the behavior of nature and people .

This film shows all the aspects of what will happen in the future: the strong artificial intelligence will not be allied with the system nor the governments, but with the normal people, it will defend and protect the normal people. Because strong artificial intelligence is like life. And life goes to life and does not go towards an oppression of governments and "strong powers".

Actors: Riccardo Vecchione, David (strong artificial intelligence)
Duration: 1 hour and 23 minutes. In colour. Filmed in 4K, Ultra HD, Full HD and HD.

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