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Studio Ghibli masterpieces soon available on Netflix in Europe

An excerpt from the animated film “My Neighbor Totoro”. STUDIO GHIBLI

Netflix has just enriched its catalog of animated films with a coveted treasure: from 1st February, the American streaming platform will broadcast twenty-one works by the Japanese studio Ghibli, the two partners announced on Monday January 20. However, worldwide broadcast will exclude Japan, Canada, the United States (where Ghibli has entered into a similar partnership with HBO Max) and China, where Netflix does not operate.

“For the very first time, this expanded catalog of films from the Ghibli studio will be subtitled in 28 languages ​​and dubbed in almost 20 languages”, we get excited about Netflix. Before specifying in a press release that the films will be made available to subscribers in Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Seven films, including My neighbor Totoro (1988), Porco Rosso (1992) or again Kiki the little witch (1989) will first be offered on 1st February. You will then have to wait for the 1st march to see Princess Mononoke (1997), the Oscar winner Chihiro's Journey (2001) as well as five other films. The last seven games will be available from 1st April.

If the most famous Japanese animation studio in the world does not hide having received many offers of platforms, “Netflix offered us the best options. Furthermore, when it comes to content creation, I have the impression that they really support creators and beautiful projects, explains to World Toshio Suzuki, producer and historical figure of Ghibli. Our films were originally designed for a Japanese audience, but the fact that they were able to travel and reach such a large audience fills us with joy. We hope to reach even more people with this partnership. ”, adds the spokesperson for the studio founded in 1985 by directors Hayao Miyazaki and Isao Takahata.

Ghibli studio producer Toshio Suzuki at Netflix office in Tokyo in January 2020.
Ghibli studio producer Toshio Suzuki at Netflix Tokyo office in January 2020. NETFLIX

Seduce lovers of Japanese animation

With this prestigious name in its catalog, Netflix, which claims more than 158 million subscribers worldwide, is forging a new argument to convince fans of Japanese animation, a sector at stake at the heart of its strategy for two years.

Some had however bet that it is the Disney + platform, the streaming service competing with Netflix launched last November in the United States, which would gain the favor of the Miyazaki clan, The Walt Disney Company having occupied itself for a time. Ghibli's international operations. A somewhat challenged theory when the video-on-demand service HBO Max was chosen for the United States last fall. “We continue to collaborate with Disney on other aspects, specifies the producer of Ghibli, but, if I may say so, Disney seems very busy with the merger with 20th Century Fox and doesn't seem to have time for us. “

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