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Technology: the connected apartment of tomorrow

Tomorrow we will live in smart cities, fully connected agglomerations, and our apartments will be riddled with intelligent objects. One of these apartments actually exists in Montpellier (Hérault). Two people live there every day. To protect their privacy, we will not be able to film them. However, since their control laboratory, researchers analyze each of their actions. Thanks to the connected objects of the apartment, they can know everything about their way of life. All this is made possible thanks to almost 200 sensors hidden in the apartment. Consumption of water and electricity, air temperature, opening windows: everything is connected, until the movement of the inhabitants on the ground. Tomorrow, nothing will escape the surveillance of connected objects. In 2020, there would be 80 billion. We will see intelligent fridges appear, which will transmit our habits of consumption.

Students associated with the project are worried about our individual freedoms. On stage, they mimic the intrusion of these objects in our future daily life. While ma'am is watching her rugby match, sir will be serving a glass of milk in the connected fridge. The device sends a signal, and immediately the match is interrupted for a dairy advertisement. It is here, in this laboratory of industrial research, that this apartment of the future was designed. Concerned about the next invasion of technology in human life, the director would like to prevent the dangers. Putting technology at the service of the human, and not the other way around: here in Montpellier, scientists have given themselves five years to achieve this goal.

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