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the 17th day of the MonPetitGazon application canceled

Collateral effect of the manifestation of “yellow vests”, the MonPetitGazon application postponed its 17th day. Screenshot

This is one of the most unexpected domino effects of the movement of “yellow vests”, which will manifest, Saturday, December 8, throughout France. MonPetitGazon, a fantasy football game that boasts one million subscribers and 500,000 active users, decided to cancel his 17e Ligue 1 day after consultation with his community.

This extremely popular application can challenge friends and colleagues in fictitious football matches, but the result depends on the actual performance of athletes in major European leagues, including Ligue 1. According to its scoring system, a match postponed a 5/10 automatic to all the players of the teams concerned – almost the assurance of not being able to score a goal.

However, following the requests of the police prefectures of several cities, which estimate not being able to frame both the demonstrations of “yellow vests” scheduled for Saturday and the displacements of the fans, six matches of Ligue 1 are already postponed to an indefinite date, including posters Paris-Saint-Germain – Montpellier, Saint-Etienne – Marseille and Monaco-Nice.

After consultation on Facebook and Twitter, MonPetitGazon officials canceled the entire 17e day, without possibility of postponement. “MonPetitGazon version Ligue 1 will count only 37 days this year”, specify the account in the consequences of this postponement. Foreign championships are not concerned.

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