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the alleged terrorist in Hanau had published a conspiracy and racist manifesto

Nine people were killed on Wednesday evening February 19 in two shootings in Hanau, near Frankfurt, in central Germany. These attacks targeted shisha bars and also left several seriously injured. The German anti-terrorist prosecutor's office seized the investigation on Thursday, February 20, and suspects a “Xenophobic motivation”.

The suspected terrorist, Tobias R., was found dead hours later at his home, alongside another unidentified body. According to sources close to the investigation, a letter of confession and a video were found.

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According to the findings of the Monde, a video was posted on YouTube, on an account in his name and shows a man speaking in English. A manifesto was also published on a homonymous website, accessible from the caption under the video, which also featured various links to other sites, videos and documents. This site is now inaccessible. The English video was removed from YouTube Thursday morning around 9:45 a.m.

Conspiracy and racism

All these documents posted online paint a portrait of a paranoid man with confused conspiratorial and racialist comments. Convinced that he had been spied on since his birth, this 43-year-old Hanau native said, for example, that the German secret services read the brains. In his Youtube video, addressed to the American people, he thus evokes “Invisible secret societies, using unknown evil methods of mind control”, and urges the Americans to fight against alleged underground military secret bases organizing pedophile activities. On his site, he refers to the supposed alien abduction of Travis Walton.

Evoking the “purity” of the German race, or the attacks of September 11, he called in his manifesto for ethnic cleansing in Germany, as well as for the complete suppression of the population of Africa, Asia, Middle East and South America. Without making explicit references to the culture of far-right forums, he takes up certain ideas of Donald Trump, such as the construction of a wall between the United States and Mexico. He also considers himself to be the initiator of the United States' foreign policy.

His video quickly appeared on the online forums 4chan and Kohlchan, its German equivalent. But unlike the killer who shot two people in Halle (Germany) in October 2019, and who also posted an online manifesto, Tobias R. makes no explicit reference in his documents to the Internet culture of “alt- right ”, the online supremacist far right, common to several anti-Semitic and Islamophobic attacks since 2016.

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