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the Assembly examines a new legal arsenal

A few months ago, Pierre Martel receives a call: he is promised presents. One condition: he must dial a premium number. Usually suspicious, he runs. But at the end of the line, the caller asks for product references and makes the call last. “So he told me that I had to wait five minutes for him to get references, so I waited five minutes easily”says Pierre Martel, victim of a phone scam. Finally, he had no gift, but a telephone bill of 54 euros.

From now on, measures must be put in place against these scams. Telecom operators will have the obligation to cut the fraudulent lines and to return the money to the injured customers. A new legal arsenal against inadvertent calls also, with the increase in fines: 75 000 euros for a natural person and 375 000 euros for a legal person. The service, considered ineffective, will also be regularly monitored.

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