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the British Parliament accuses the giant of divulging user data

Facebook is accused of entering into agreements with certain companies to allow them “full access to the data of the users' friends”.

After the scandal of user data exploitation by Cambridge Analytica, Facebook is entangled in a new business. A British parliamentary commission accused, Wednesday, December 5, the social network to disclose personal data of users to certain companies, more than 200 pages of internal emails to the American giant in support. Facebook is for several months in the viewfinder of this commission as part of an investigation on the phenomenon of “fake news”.

The chairman of the commission Damian Collins has lifted several “Key issues” reading Facebook's internal emails obtained under a rarely used parliamentary procedure. He claims that Facebook has entered into agreements with some companies to allow them “full access to user friend data” of the social network, although the US giant has announced in 2015 to end these access. Facebook would also have used Onavo, an application offering a VPN (virtual private network) service, to conduct surveys on the use of applications by users, “apparently unbeknownst” of these, according to Damian Collins.

Facebook “never sold people's data” and documents published on Wednesday “are presented in a very misleading way without adding context”, said a Facebook spokesman contacted by AFP, who recalled the changes made by the social network in 2014 and 2015 to prevent the sharing of user friend data with application developers.

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