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The “confinement show” of stars on networks

Jean-Jacques Goldman transformed his tube “He changed life” into “They save lives”, an ode to caregivers. YouTube screenshot / Jean-Jacques Goldman

Unshaven, a huge scarf around his neck, Fabrice Luchini speaks on Twitter on March 23, in a video seen by more than 187,000 people: “I kept hearing the word” containment “and it reminded me of a fable from La Fontaine. This fable talks about the confinement of a garden lover and a bear, who can no longer be alone. La Fontaine says: Reason usually does not live long in sequestered people.Long silence, mine of shipwrecked woman, suspense. ” Therefore, continues the actor with the contrite air of one who announces terrible news, I'm going to make fables every two or three days, it's very small as a participation, but I'm going to The Bear and the Garden Lover. ”

Even confined, Fabrice Luchini is far from being an isolated case. He is one of those countless people who, via social media, volunteer to enchant our forties from their home, which has been turned into a home studio.

Hell is other peoplesaid Sartre. Well today, hell is no longer being watched by others. Through the staging of their intimacy, the stars eagerly seek this look, like a drug which they could not do without, even if it means exposing themselves to negative judgments “, analyzes semiologist François Jost, author of the book The Cult of the Banal (CNRS éditions, 2013).

Patrick Bruel breaks his voice

While one could have imagined confinement as an unprecedented opportunity to coyly retreat into one's domestic cocoon, the opposite happened: in the time of extinction, this period of forced confinement became a giant happening, a sort of maxi concert of the Enfoirés who would experience uncontrollable aftershocks every day. Rather, judge.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, Patrick Bruel, hair in firecracker and beard of three days, fills virtual Stade de France from his living room where he multiplies the live broadcast on Facebook. Performed on dry guitar, Break the voice thus totaled 735,000 views. Between two titles, the artist, entangled a few months ago in matters of exhibition and sexual harassment, quotes the Dalai Lama (“He who cares only about himself ends up in suffering”), celebrates them “Hero” everyday life (nurses, truckers) and responds, with a wet eye, to questions from Internet users.

Same atmosphere of intimate communion and same banner (# ensembleàlamaison) on the side of Francis Cabrel who, “To overcome the boredom of those long days of recluses and recluses”, performs a song from his repertoire every day, relayed by the Baboo Music label's Facebook account. As if he injected the public with a sound antidote, it is with Good news that the bard of Astaffort inaugurated this pearl concert.

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