Sunday , September 27 2020

The dependency loop

A technological fairy tale defined in an experimental economic model.

What's The Dependency Loop?

This is a "cool million" for the LinkedIn era, where the mind of an experimental subject is constantly being sought, while his body is harvested ruthlessly.

What is "bio-fracturing"?

While artificial intelligence eclipses the human spirit, the body can now be reevaluated as an engine of productivity. With minor modifications, this abundant and infinitely flexible resource is reborn as a biomanufacturing facility.

Some examples:

The gallbladder can be converted to a 3D printer, creating advanced components through a buildup of minerals instead of gallstones.

The large intestine can be used to create advanced biopolymers for the aerospace and defense industries, while the blood can become a pharmaceutical laboratory for the manufacture of affordable medicines to save lives.

These processes can only work if the subject generates the enzymes essential to success.

This is done through a "symbolic enterprise" program, in which the spirit, reinforced by positive messages, encourages the body to create the catalytic compounds needed for the process.

As we finally approach the end of mass employment, Bio-Fracking promises a new era of mass extraction.

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