Thursday , July 9 2020
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the directory bows out

Search for a contact, service or phone number. An approach that is now digital, but which in the past was based on an indispensable book: the telephone directory. Victims of new uses, the White Pages will no longer be printed. The latest edition has just been distributed, much to the regret of some residents; retired non-digital enthusiasts or residents of villages in which the internet does not always work very well.

If some still consider the directory essential, the majority of French have abandoned it. In 2007, nearly 57 million copies were distributed, or almost one per inhabitant. In 2018, there were only 9 million. A page turns after more than 139 years of existence. If the directory has stood the test of time, it will not stand up to the age of the internet and social networks: its publishing house no longer wants to spend the 2 euros necessary to print each copy. Although the White Pages are retiring, the Yellow Pages will still be printed until next year.

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