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The eco brief. Cybersecurity, a sector of the future

Internet security concerns everyone, individuals and businesses. Illustrative image. (SOPA IMAGES / LIGHTROCKET)

The International Cybersecurity Forum is taking place this week in Lille, in Hauts-de-France. Some 12,000 visitors and 450 exhibitors are expected to attend. A growing sector: Internet security concerns everyone, individuals and businesses.

The attacks, always more ingenious than the others, show that computer crime has become a mass phenomenon, likely to strike anyone, anywhere: identity theft, fraud against false suppliers, false customers and false presidents. Several such cases have recently come to light: a con artist pretends to be the owner of a company. The scammer, who managed to hijack the email from the real boss, pretends to be the latter and sends a message to his chief financial officer so that he can transfer some money to an account. The employee, confident, does so and it is too late. There is also what is known as “ransomware” which is a demand for ransom by blocking servers or data.

According to a recent study by Euler-Hermes for the Association of Financial Directors and Management Controllers (DFCG): in 2018 one in five companies was targeted by more than ten fraud attempts. Business leaders are aware of the growing threat, but are not investing in it. Six out of ten companies have yet to commit a budget to fight cybercrime.

Investing in very expensive systems is not always enough. First, do a security audit of IT services, educate and train staff. Companies must use common sense: be discreet, and above all strengthen collaboration between directors of Financial Affairs and directors of IT services. Everyone lives too much in their own world. It must be said that this does not happen to others. All types of companies are affected: VSEs, SMEs, ETIs and not just large groups.

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