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The empire of the series. “Mrs America”, portrait of an anti-feminist

Cate Blanchett plays the neoconservative Phyllis Schlafly. (FOX / DIGITAL PHOTO)

An anti-feminist woman, at the base of the revival of American conservatism in the 70s, well worth a series. This is the subject of Mrs America , a gripping 9-episode portrait of a female politician who succeeds in defeating feminist movements and preventing the passage of a constitutional amendment aimed at guaranteeing equal rights between the sexes.

At the base of the renewal of American concervatism

Her name is Phyllis Schafly. She is conservative, anti-Communist, and dreams of becoming an MP, under the disapproving eye of her husband, a lawyer in Indiana. It finds its vocation in discovering this amendment already voted by the two American chambers of representatives, in the process of being ratified by the American States. She stands up wind. She gathers her fellows at teas where she distributes homemade cakes while pointing out two threats: if this amendment is voted, women risk having to go to the army, and divorced men will no longer have to pay benefits compensatory. Wig on her head, Cate Blanchett is impeccable in the role of this chic politician, housewife who knows how to use words and pass feminist movements off as anti-family. She will change the vocabulary of anti-abortion: she invents the term pro life.

From anti-abortion to pro-life, the weight of words

The series tells in parallel the women who led this second feminist wave in the United States: the deputy Shirley Chisholm who launches in the presidential battle in 1972 or Gloria Steinem who wonders if her popularity comes from her pretty face. They thought they won the game, but Phyllis Schlaffy will prevent the amendment from passing. An excellently documented series in costume. This woman will be the foundation of a new form of conservatism in America, in dresses and heels. Since then, this amendment has still not been passed in the United States.

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