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the founder of Doctolib commits

A smartphone with the doctolib application which announces that it will double the number of its employees within three years. (JULIO PELAEZ / MAXPPP)

In six years, Doctolib has become the European leader in its sector. One in two French people use the services of the health platform, which has made it essential for making medical appointments on the internet. The company collects a lot of patient health data.

What happens to this data? Doctolib, which today employs a thousand people, has just published a data protection charter. There is a law, we respect the law and we go even further “, says Stanislas Niox-Chateau, its founder, on franceinfo Thursday, February 13.

French people have control over their health information, continues the founder of Doctolib. They are completely confidential, for the exclusive use of patients and healthcare professionals. And they are hosted in hosts approved for health data, certified by the ministry, with the highest degree of security. Stanislas Niox-Chateau says that “the data is encrypted”, and “only patients and healthcare professionals can access it”.

The American digital giants have big ambitions in the health field. Will Doctolib be able to resist them? These are the offices and hospitals that make the health of tomorrow, replies its founder. Working with them requires having a long-term vision and real humanist and ethical values. I think we have them and that’s what will make the difference against GAFA “. Stanislas Niox-Chateau says he wants “make access to care more egalitarian and simpler”.

But if Doctolib, which is growing quickly, finds itself in a monopoly position, will not patients and professionals suffer from it? Stanislas Niox Château replies that he only seeks to “improve the working comfort of practitioners and secretaries, and improve the daily lives of French people”. The company is developing new services. She has already made about 150,000 video consultations, and will create other services for professionals, so that they can work better as a team.

The government wants to create a new access service, with a unique number, for patients who want an emergency appointment. Will Doctolib participate? Why not, replies its founder: “Emergency room attendance has doubled in twenty years. There is chronic underinvestment in nurses, caregivers, all the tools they use on a daily basis. I understand that they go on strike and I understand that there is a need to invest massively in their working conditions. “

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