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The French Competition Authority fines Google 150 million euros

Bad times for the digital giants. Already in the crosshairs of the French State, which has passed legislation this summer, the “GAFA tax” (acronym for Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon), intended to further impose them, one of 'Between them, Google, was fined, Friday, December 20, a fine of 150 million euros by the Competition Authority for abuse of a dominant position. At issue: the rules imposed by the American company on advertisers who use the services of its advertising agency, Google Ads.

The competition gendarme believes that these are not only “Opaque and difficult to understand”, but also that the group applies them in a way “Inequitable and random”, which can cause some companies to be unfairly excluded from the advertising platform. “This leads to damage both for advertisers and for search engine users”, the Authority observed in a press release.

Other sanctions

This is not the first time that the digital giant has been accused of abuse of a dominant position. Google has already been the subject of several sanctions by the European Commission for anti-competitive practices, the slate of its fines in the last two years amounting to 8.25 billion euros. The group had thus been fined, in 2017, a first fine of 2.42 billion euros for having favored its price comparison service, Google Shopping, then a second, in 2018, of 4.34 billion d euros this time on its mobile operating system, Android. Finally, in March 2019, he was fined € 1.49 billion for abusive practices in online advertising.

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