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the game of new generation consoles is launched

PlayStation 5 and Xbox series X, the new generation consoles. A major economic stake. (MAXPPP)

Since January, the news of video games has been polarized around these two iconic consoles which are about to be revamped: Sony's PlayStation 5, on one side and Microsoft's Xbox series X, on the other. These two next-gen consoles will be fighting a merciless battle by the end of the year, with Christmas in prospect.

What new things do they bring and which one is best placed to win the battle? Elements of response with Brice N'Guessan, editor of the monthly Video Games Magazine.

“On the PS3 and Xbox 360 generations, the two manufacturers were neck and neck by selling nearly 90 million consoles”, recalls Brice N'Guessan, editorial director of Jeux Vidéo Magazine. “But things have changed a lot since the 2013 release of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, the consoles currently sold, he explains. Microsoft made mistakes at launch, which crippled the Xbox One. Today, the PS4 has sold 110 million copies against nearly 50 million for the Xbox One worldwide “.

PlayStation and Xbox controllers and headphones. & Nbsp;
PlayStation, Xbox controllers and headphones. (DPA / PICTURE ALLIANCE)

These two new generation consoles will of course be more powerful than their predecessors. On the one hand, this will allow superior graphics performance, ever more breathtaking images for players and new visual effects. On the other hand, “data management will be faster, the famous loading times that pollute the player experience will be shorter, or even non-existent”, explains Brice N'Guessan.

There is of course a change in the design of the holidays, an important element for players who see these consoles enthroned in the living room. For the PlayStation 5, “it's a more daring design than the previous generations which were all black, this one is white, more slender, the design is really daring”, notes our expert. As for the Xbox Series X, “it wants to be more classic, it is a cubic black monolith”, he sums up.

299, 399, 499, 599 euros? No official price has yet been communicated for the different models, whether for the new PlayStation or the next Xbox. “We can see that Sony and Microsoft are watching each other out of the corner of their eyes and that no one is picking up a prize”, observes Brice N'Guessan.

We only know one thing: “the PlaysStation 5 will have two models: a version with a disc player and a digital edition version which will not. The games will be in dematerialized version on this console. There will therefore be two prices on the PlayStation 5 and probably a lower price on the console without a disk drive “, he explains.

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