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the government favors the digital tracking of the population, a part of the majority is opposed to it

On the tenth day of confinement in Paris, March 26. STEPHANE DE SAKUTIN / AFP

The announcement was expected. It is now official: the confinement of the French “Will be extended” beyond April 15, the Elysee announced on Wednesday April 8, adding that Emmanuel Macron will speak on Monday shortly after 8 pm to present his decisions concerning the fight against the coronavirus in the coming weeks.

The head of state could specify the new duration of the confinement, while the epidemic has already killed at least 10,869 people in France, with 541 more on Wednesday. “We always said it was very likely that we would announce a new extension”said an executive adviser, recalling that the scientific council pleaded for six weeks of confinement. Or until the end of April.

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If the deconfinement does not appear for tomorrow, the government is now working on the means to achieve it, by studying the advisability of setting up a digital tracking of the population. A thorny debate, likely to divide the troops in the general mobilization against the coronavirus.

After hesitating for a long time, the top of the state finally decided to take the plunge. In an interview at World released Wednesday, Minister of Health Olivier Véran and Secretary of State for Digital Cédric O announce that the government is working on a project called “StopCovid”. It aims to “Develop an application that could limit the spread of the virus by identifying chains of transmission, details Cédric O. The idea would be to warn people who have been in contact with a patient who tested positive. “


The Elysée Palace has obviously given the green light to the launch of such a project. “Digital tools can have a health benefit, while preserving our democratic model”, says a close friend of Emmanuel Macron. Prime Minister Edouard Philippe remains on the position he expressed on 1er April, in front of the information mission of the National Assembly. Note that the question of recourse to “Tracking” on the base “Of voluntary engagement” was ” opened “.

A fortnight ago, however, the government was still unenthusiastic about the advisability of setting up a system to identify those who had come into contact with patients infected with Covid-19. On March 24, Olivier Véran said he was hostile to it, in the name of the defense of “Public and fundamental freedoms”. “This is not French culture”, abounded his interior colleague, Christophe Castaner, two days later, on France 2. Before carrying out a complete flip-flop, on March 5, saying he was finally favorable.

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