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The Jacquie et Michel pornographic video site targeted by a judicial investigation

At 24, Loula (her first name has been changed) is looking to resume her studies and become a psychologist, in order to “To learn to protect women from men who take them for objects “. A new professional project, and a complaint also that she wants to file, to join the preliminary investigation opened by the Paris prosecutor's office for “Rape” and “Pimping” which targets the Jacquie et Michel pornographic video platform, revealed on September 10 by the daily 20 minutes. This investigation, entrusted to the Parisian judicial police, was launched in July on the basis of a report sent by three feminist associations, after several testimonies.

At 19 years old at the time of the incident, Loula did not have confidence in herself, she said. A teenage years marked by morbid obesity, then she dreams of becoming a curvy model. She goes out a lot to nightclubs on the Belgian border, a few tens of kilometers from where she lives, with her parents.

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One night, she says she met a “Reel” : a woman offers to take part in a pornographic shoot: “She told me about Jacquie and Michel, told me that it was a little unknown site, that it would have no impact on my life and that it would make me money to pay for my model photos . ” Loula accepts, finds herself in an apartment in Lens (Pas-de-Calais) for the production of her video.

Dozen of testimonials

At the entrance, according to her story, she shows her identity card, signs a piece of paper: “They presented it to me as a contract, they said 'hurry up and sign”, I didn't have time to read it, nor to have a duplicate. ” The film crew then allegedly made her drink vodka and smoke joints to relax her. The scene begins, but then she has only agreed to vaginal penetration “Traditional” with a single actor, the scenario evolves differently: “They forced me to have two men for double penetration, so anal too. ”

Nailie, 28, describes the same modus operandi as Loula. At the time, she was also 19 years old, comes from Belgium, takes the Thalys to go directly to an apartment in Paris. “They don't introduce me to men, they just say: this is cock 1, cock 2, and cock 3”, she recounts. Beforehand, she accepted two partners, in reality three are imposed on her. She doesn't want double penetration or anal like Loula, but it does “In the heat of the moment”. “Porn is very contractualized, she believes. We agree on practices. If the contract is broken, it is rape. “

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