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the presidential election targeted by Chinese and Iranian hackers

“A group of Chinese hackers targeted employees of the Biden campaign, and an Iranian group targeted employees of the Trump campaign”, at announced Shane Huntley, head of the Google security team working on foreign interference. In both cases, Google teams have detected phishing attempts – sending messages containing a booby-trapped link or an attachment containing a virus. According to Google, none of the attempts a priori succeeded; those concerned have been notified.

According to Google’s findings, it’s targeted personal Gmail accounts of employees. The company identified the APT31 group, known to the IT security community as working for the Chinese government, behind the attacks on the Biden campaign; and the APT35 group, which works for Iran, is believed to be behind the attacks on the Trump campaign. The latter group had previously been charged with attempting to hack into Microsoft accounts used by the Trump campaign team.

The 2016 presidential campaign was marked in the United States by the hacking of the National Democratic Committee, which had resulted in the publication of tens of thousands of internal emails of the Democratic campaign by WikiLeaks.

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