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the publisher of “Fortnite” announces its competitor Steam

The publisher of “Fortnite” launches into the battle of digital video game distribution platforms. epic

Jerks down and fights in the video game industry. The American company Epic Games, which has been surfing for a year on the phenomenal success of Fortnite, announced Tuesday, December 4, the launch of its own video game distribution platform. Baptized Epic Games Store, it will be put on line on PC, Mac, then Android “And other open platforms” in 2019, says the publisher on his blog:

“In the last five years, we've built tools that allow Epic to bring games directly to players. We developed the Epic Games launcher [un logiciel de lancement de programmes] on PC and Mac for “Fortnite” and [la bibliothèque d’outils de développement] Unreal Engine; we built an online shopping ecosystem that accepts dozens of payment methods, and we achieved significant economies of scale through the growth of “Fortnite”. “

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Epic Games promises a very advantageous remuneration for the studios and the publishers: 88%, and the free use of engine Unreal Engine 4. The announcement resonates particularly with the complicated news of the western number one of the distribution on line on computer, Steam, which revealed on December 1 to have changed its revenue-sharing grid retroactively to the 1st October in favor of the biggest sales. The company behind the flagship platform will now leave 80% of revenues to games that have generated more than 50 million dollars, 75% from 10 to 50 million, and only 30% below.

Several studios have also worried that the new algorithms of Steam now put more emphasis on blockbuster, at the expense of independent games that have made its success.

War of the platforms

As the industry prepares for the arrival of the Netflix model, many players have launched in recent years their own platform, be it CD Projekt (The Witcher) with, from Electronic Arts (FIFA, Battlefield) with Origin or Ubisoft (Assassin's Creed) with Uplay, often with limited success. In recent months,, reserved for experimental games, has become increasingly important, while the deployment in the West of WeGame, the home solution of the Chinese giant Tencent, has been announced.

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The idea of ​​a war online video game platforms is also entitled to a rebound for the least funny. Sergey Galyonkin, programmer behind the Steam Spy account (“the Steam Spy”), who, thanks to complex calculations, estimated game sales on Steam, to the point of establishing himself as a reference in the industry, revealed that he had been working for years on Epic's competing project.

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