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“The purpose of my Youtube channel was to write a book,” says Victoria Charlton

The youtubeuse Victoria Charlton in Paris on January 16, 2020 (PHILIPPE DE POULPIQUET / MAXPPP)

A YouTube channel with almost 380,000 subscribers and 55 million views: Victoria Charlton is passionate about mysteries. She publishes Keep an eye out, a book about 15 stories of unsolved disappearances. She explains that she has always been fascinated by such stories: “Since I was a little girl. When I discovered the documentaries of True crime, the true stories, I really started to be passionate about that. At first it’s like being afraid but it’s become a passion “.

The aim of the book is not to forget the missing people and to continue to talk about them all over the world (France, United States, Mexico etc …). And Victoria Charlton explains that it would be “really great” that it can help advance or even elucidate certain investigations, because it considers that many stories are not publicized for various reasons (age, nationality, sex) and families left alone to face their quest for knowledge and their distress.

I am not a criminologist but it is so difficult to do so much research without giving your opinion.

Victoria Charlton

at franceinfo

As a child, Victoria Charlton is very shy, very calm: “I have always loved reading. I remember my mother always had surprise parties with my friends and she found me in my room reading while my friends were playing outside. ” This passion for reading starts at 4 years old when she learns to read and continues until studying literature: she is currently preparing a Master.

Victoria Charlton loves words and the urge to write books is strong. She imagines that if she has an audience, the doors of publishing houses will open more easily, so she starts her YouTube channel: “I had something to pass on and this is where I started making videos of True crime (…) It was really that. The purpose of my Youtube channel was to write a book “.

The first year, I had something like 200 views on all of my videos and it was not going very well. I spent a lot of time doing my research and my videos. “ Her parents invite her to put her energy and time into something else. Finally the chain of Victoria Charlton takes off … and today her parents are delighted with her success: “It’s really a dream “.

The young woman now lives from her passion and plans to write a second book on unsolved murders. Or to get into fiction: she admits lip service that projects on Canadian television are on fire … In the meantime, to go take a look at her channel, it's here.

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