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The series are always addictive

The series invade all your screens, punctuate evenings and weekends, occupy conversations in the office or with friends. No matter the genre, no matter how long, they fascinate and mark all generations. For the past four years, Rowena Ory Arnautovic can no longer do without it. On its screen scroll dozens of submerged series. By evening, she can watch up to three episodes. This passion can even encroach on his taste for cinema. “It can happen to me to have a cinema planned one evening and finally to cancel because I prefer to watch a series at home quietly”, she explains.

The concept was first born on paper, with the first serial novels, as The Mysteries of Paris by Eugène Sue. Then the small screen broadcasts small formats, such as Thierry la Fronde, Belle and Sébastien, and in 1994, Friends, which is becoming a worldwide phenomenon. At the time, these series cost less than the cinema, as Dallas at the time. Today, for each season, budgets are exploding. Not yet released, and inspired by the film of the same name, the series The Lord of the Rings will cost 90 million for ten episodes for example. The revenues remain secret, but the number of subscribers to the various platforms is increasing. It is expected to reach one billion by 2024.

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