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The series empire. “Mrs Fletcher”, the Mrs Robinson of the 2020s

Kathryn Hahn is Mrs Fletcher (HBO)

We knew Mrs Robinson, the heroine sung by Simon and Garfunkel in the film The winner, the mature woman who troubled young student Dustin Hoffman. Here in 2019, his successor, Mrs fletcher. Only, in this series available on OCS the point of view has changed. We are now in Mrs. Fletcher's head.

Mrs Fletcher is in her forties. She is divorced, and at the start of the series is depressed when her 18-year-old son leaves the family home for college. The move is pathetic: the woman has an incredible difficulty in cutting the umbilical cord. Then suddenly, when she got home, the sexual urges of the woman who had become single again came back. And she doesn't hesitate to consult videos on porn sites now.

Mrs Fletcher, this series in 7 episodes of 30 minutes is written and directed by Tom Perrotta who is not a novice. Damon Lindeloff, Sir Lost, had brilliantly adapted his existential novel for television The Leftovers which told of the disappearance of 2% of the planet. Mrs fletcher is completely different. Tom Perotta adapts his own novel: “Madame Fletcher or the tribulations of an always attractive mother”.

With her false airs of Julia Roberts, actress Kathryn Hahn is remarkable in the role of Mrs Fletcher who runs a home for the aged. As we discover this woman's efforts to come back to life, her son, a perfect American macho sportsman, goes exactly the opposite way. He confronts his vision of the life fed by porn with the reality of the university, and is caught without understanding it slap on slap.

The series is sexually explicit and daring. But she portrays with humor a macho world that goes wrong and with great accuracy the wanderings of a woman returned to freedom and in search of a new meaning in life.

Mrs fletcher is available on OCS.

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