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the strange cocktail of the site “La Lettre patriote”

Xavier Lissillour

“La Lettre patriote”: it is the first “related page” automatically suggested by Facebook when we visited the page of France libre 24, a French-speaking disinformation site including a survey of politico has demonstrated that it is administered by the Polish far right.

On the site of The Patriotic Letter, there is also an article on “Mayors who throw in the towel” that an editorial titled “France is going into a spin” ; a video by François Asselineau, a resumption of an interview with Nicolas Sarkozy who “Intervenes against those who threaten civil peace in France”, or a platform signed by elected officials of the Republicans (LR) who “Call to protect our civilization”.

Launched just a year ago, the site has a comparatively small audience – around 300,000 visits per month according to various online estimation tools, 20,000 Facebook page subscribers – but its articles are widely distributed on the networks social.

The Patriotic Letter essentially publishes short texts containing information published in the general press, selected to extol the values ​​of “France before” and describe a country in decline. But unlike France libre 24, it does not publish false information: its articles, presented with an enticing title, are almost systematically sourced. Nor does she try to pretend to be another medium.

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“We don't feed on migrants news”

If it is clearly anchored very to the right, the site publishes articles on much more varied themes than the veteran far-right site Fdesouche, almost exclusively devoted to immigration and Islam. The prism of The Patriotic Letter is very conservative, and extols the past greatness of France: his selection of gift ideas for Christmas mixes for example the books of the polemists Laurent Obertone and Eric Zemmour with yogurt makers “As in our childhood”. He presents himself as “Devoted to the love of France through a positive approach”, who refuses “Categorically any type of racism […] as well as all extremism “.

However, the site welcomes very marked content on the far right. He thus publishes videos of Father Laguérie, a traditionalist figure who co-founded the Institut du Bon-Pasteur and who notably officiated – in Latin – during the funeral of Paul Touvier, the former head of the Lyonnais militia. But also a mocking article on a black youtuber who complains of having been the victim of racism while on vacation in Croatia, or a text which pretends to wonder about similarities between Emmanuel Macron and the former Romanian dictator Ceaucescu.

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