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the sulfurous free radio that hits on Twitch

From left to right, the video game streamers Zack Nani, Joey and Kamet0, the rappers Al Kpote and Jok'Air, and the Youtoubeur Prime. (screenshot)

The language is flowery, straightforward advice, the casual tone. On this spring Sunday, a listener calls to express her frustration: she would like her companion to satisfy her in bed several times a day. Goguenarde, the band of a half-dozen friends who animate the show is confused with laughter and excuses about the limits of the male device. On the chat, the spectators are jubilant.

In less than a year, the online video show “Radio Sex”, which began its second season, Sunday, November 24, on Twitch, has established itself as the new weekly rendez-vous of a whole generation gifted with video games, YouTube, rap and social networks. They were 70,000 simultaneous live follow his return, the world's most watched video on Twitch that night.

Every Sunday between 9.30 pm and midnight, its animators respond sometimes with humor, sometimes seriously, bragging and quite a machismo to the questions of Internet users. How to react if a friend flirts with his girlfriend? What if she surprises us while training with an inflatable doll? Can we sleep with a married woman, mother of two children? To get in a relationship with a cam-girl?

“It's a lot bigger than sex”, stops the youtubeur Belgian Kotei, of his real name Zouhair, 22 years old, one of the streamers at the origin of the project. “It's about love, about self-confidence, about trying to solve people's problems. It could have been called Radio Love! After, of course, we talk about sex, but it's not the center. “

Renewal of the free antenna

The inspiration, it is assumed: it is free broadcasts like “Lovin'Fun” on Fun Radio and “Free Radio” on Skyrock, but with a more abrupt tone, and a colorful vocabulary come from the suburbs. Here, we do not make love, we “Ken” ; we are not a dredger, but a “Charo” (abbreviation of “Scavenger”); and emphasizes the importance of the condom, the ” bullet proof vest “. A way to embody “The renewal of the free antenna”as summarized by the columnist of France Inter Sonia Devillers.

“It's a group of teenagers who are kidding around sex”, resumes the pediatrician Christian Spitz, the former Doc of Difool on Fun Radio in the show “Lovin'fun” of the 1990s. “There is a vital need to talk about sex, there is some anxiety, and it is an invasive subject for a young teenager. He has a body that claims his due, it is something extraordinary, there is need to reveal himself in the relation to the other and to his body. “

At the microphone, everyone plays a score to him, face discovered and under pseudo. There is the discreet Kamat, the pure soul of the band, always ready to side with virtue. Lyonnais Zack Nani, voice at Galabru and laughing communicative, “Hetero beauf according to France Inter”, he likes to quote. Or Prime, with a flamboyant two-tone hairstyle, which sometimes “Pff, it's hard love” young, already disillusioned, fop.

More admirers than admirers

The team was enriched at the start of its first permanent columnist, Myriamanhattan, called “Dr. Respect”. “We're not at all against having a columnist or a woman on the team, but basically it's a bunch of friends, it's like that”, explained in August Kotei, who was then looking for “A relevant girl, who could at the same time be in our delusions”.

His presence is a way to respond to critics on the almost exclusively male stage of the first season, with its lot of misogynistic or phallocentric. The show has more fans than admirers. “I never understood why” Radio Sex “, it was held by guys cis het [des hommes non trans, hétérosexuels]. Gender 90% of them do not know how to fuck, why give them the floor? “, complained one user, in a Twitter message “Loved” more than 6,000 times.

other come up with bitterness the freedom that these men have to talk about sexuality, encouraged by a very large community, while Clarisse, an influencer, was victimized in November of cyber-harassment for having dared to speak of fellatio in a video.

But Sunday's new flagship event also highlights more socially conscious issues such as the racism experienced by young people of foreign origin. However, Kotei denies any claim: “I'm not a sociologist, I'm just looking for cool shows that please me. “

Van Damme in the viewfinder

The concept of “Sex Radio” was born of a simple joke on Twitter, at the end of 2018, between two influential accounts, Kotei and Kamet0 (200,000 subscribers on YouTube), who challenged themselves to launch a free program by webcam.

Eight months later, the troupe expanded, mounted a set, and carried by a dazzling audience success, they concluded their first season with fanfare in Los Angeles, at the actor and porn director Manuel Ferrara. While waiting to realize their “Little dream”, invite Jean-Claude Van Damme.

“” Sex Radio “has zero educational value, no more than porn. It's just there to entertain, it's crazy, a little macho, valued the pediatrician Christian Spitz. But if he has the virtue to let off steam by telling bullshit, why not? “ Without pretension, the sulphurous free radio even managed to rabibocher couples, to the great pride – and the surprise – of these apprentices nursing hearts.

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