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the viral success of a poster to fight the pandemic

There are works that sometimes escape their creator. Here, it is the effect that the illustrator Mathieu Persan expected by posting a poster of his own on Friday March 13th on his Twitter account. A small isolated house standing out against a pale background, in a tranquil setting with a clear message: “Stay at home, it has never been easier to save lives”.

Distributed in French and English versions the day after the speech of president Emmanuel Macron urging citizens to stay at home as much as possible to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic, the poster has since been widely shared. Mathieu Persan explains that he has already participated in collective outbursts by producing images of reaction and support, for example after the attacks in 2015. “But this is the first time that I have produced such an image to get people into action, it is very gratifying to see that it is shared”, he assures the World.

“You become selfish when you go out”

This is the message from a doctor friend who is behind the 41-year-old illustrator’s initiative. “Like many people, I had not taken the measure of the problem”, he says.

After the president's statement, my friend contacted us to tell us that we had to go even further than what was recommended, that we should get started right away. We don't do it for ourselves but for others, we become selfish when we go out. ”

Mathieu Persan then elaborates the sign and the small text which accompanies it “In half an hour, just before searching [s]children at school “. He did not have to think long to choose to affix this strong message, in large capital letters, on a more soothing decor: “I like to play on contrasts. And then to make an alarmist message would have been useless “, explains the one who appreciates the vast and flat landscapes of Picardy. He also seeks to see the bright side of house arrest:

“This situation will last for several days, will change our lives. If we had shown a little more civility, we might not be there. But staying with us is, for the majority of us, the only thing we can do to help. And if everyone does it, the measure will be extremely effective! “

Although accustomed to telework, Mathieu Persan has also improvised since Monday March 16 a new organization in his home in Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis), in the Parisian suburbs. Share the home computer so kids can do their homework online. But also do shopping during off-peak hours. And above all find something to deceive the boredom that is looming in the days to come. Again, the illustrator is not short of ideas. “But I will not give in to the temptation to reveal everything right away, just to have enough to last a long time. “

Mathieu Persan’s poster in its French version.

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