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their video buzzes in the Creuse

The video posted on YouTube exceeded 460,000 views in a few days. In Gouzon, everyone has fun with this little celebrity.

The two youtubers left it to chance: Hugo and Ludovic launched a dart on the map of France to find out where they would shoot their next video, for their YouTube channel Le Tatou, and it is in the village of Gouzon, in the Creuse, which they landed. In just a few days, their video posted on January 24 exceeded 460,000 views. And in Gouzon, 1,500 inhabitants, everyone only talks about that, as noted by France Bleu Creuse.

“We did not expect young people like that to be interested in our town”, laughs Henri, who is one of the stars of the video. “After the publication, I received a lot of messages from people who knew me or not, he tells France Bleu. Some even told me that they dreamed of having me as a grandfather! “

“Drop the French Riviera, guys: this summer, it's in Gouzon that it's happening”, savor a resident of Gouzon. “All the better for us, continues William, owner of the Gouzon bar, it makes us a little ad; It is not because we are in a small country village that we are not accessible and friendly! “

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