Tuesday , September 22 2020
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“There is an emergency,” says Orange CEO Stéphane Richard

On Tuesday, September 1, wearing a mask became mandatory in companies, like at Orange. The CEO of the operator “builds on people's minds of responsibility. I don't think there will be that many problems in applying this simple principle.”. “It is estimated that the cost of the health measures that have been taken since July in our region is around 50 million euros. At Orange's level, it is a cost that can be absorbed into our expenses.”

While easing of the wearing of masks in companies was agreed on the day before the rule came into effect, the Orange boss wants to be lenient to the government. “The problem with this epidemic is that you are always chasing time, information, knowledge, for that matter, about the disease itself.”

Finally, regarding the recovery plan, “Now is the time to have it”, thinks Stéphane Richard. “There is an emergency. I think the economic fabric of the country is badly damaged by this crisis, especially small businesses (…) I'm afraid there will be a lot of damage in the coming weeks.”

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