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“There is growing disenchantment with GAFA, Internet stars of the 2010s”

Chronic. The countless walkers, who today walk the pavement in search of transport or simply to reach their office, have time to meditate on the quality of their life at work. Starting, moreover, with the way in which their employer deals with current disadvantages: teleworking, carpooling, travel assistance, etc. Small gestures that betray the attention paid to the well-being of employees. In return, they do not hesitate to judge their company, and vote with their feet when the opportunity to change house is presented.

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Each year, several organizations probe the hearts of workers and emit weak signals that reveal deeper changes in perception than it seems. Thus, the latest ranking of the American site Glassdoor reveals a major phenomenon: the growing disenchantment with Internet stars of the 2010s, and in the first place, the famous Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon.

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In 2017, the most trendy company for US executives was called Facebook. A year later, she slipped to seventh place. And in this year 2019, it tumbled to 23e rank. The dramatic fall is obviously linked to the very bad reputation acquired by the company during scandals on the protection of user data and by the embarrassed explanations of its leaders. Mr. Zuckerberg in the Senate, strapped like a general in combat in his tie suit, no longer really reflects the image of the boss so cool in his hoodie.

Old-fashioned winners

But the punishment goes beyond the social network alone. Google, number one in the charts in 2015, drops to 11e row, Apple sinks to 84e place and Amazon didn't even make it to the top 100 on the list. The only survivor of this berezina, the group Microsoft, which goes up in the classification, of the 34e at the 21e position. This proves that it is not technology that scares but some of its actors, those most exposed to the public. These, the big winners of the 2000s, now seem old-fashioned. We are entering a more difficult world, less flashy and therefore more serious. The new champions do not evolve on the consumer market and are called Hubspot, Bain, Docusign, Sammons Financial …

In the same way, the French ranking crowns the American software publisher Salesforce, the German SAP or the French Thales and Safran. Or, surprisingly, the very discreet financial software publisher Murex. Without forgetting, of course, the French luxury stars, Hermès and L’Oréal. Less fun, but more reassuring in these times of GAFA hunting.

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