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To limit disinformation, WhatsApp limits the possibility of message transfer

It will now only be possible to transfer messages on WhatsApp to one discussion at a time, the messaging service announced on Tuesday April 7.

“We know that many users transfer useful information, as well as funny videos, memes and thoughts or prayers that matter to them, writes the company. However, we have also noticed a significant increase in transfers, which the users find too numerous, and which can contribute to the propagation of false information. “

Unlike a social network, in which most messages are public, WhatsApp “doesn't know” what the millions of messages that pass through its service speak of every day – they are protected by encryption technology that makes them impossible to read by pirates.

Impossible moderation

But this security, necessary to protect the privacy of users, also makes moderation of messages impossible.

The company has already implemented, in recent years, several systems to reduce massive sharing of information, including a double arrow pictogram to indicate that a message has already come from a transfer, or a limitation on the number of people who can belong to the same group. She had been accused of having contributed to outbreaks of violence fueled by messages of disinformation, notably in India.

In France, numerous messages containing false information have circulated since the beginning of the confinement.

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