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Trajectory of impermanence: colored seed (monochrome version)

AUJIK in Japanese presents its latest event dealing with artificial general intelligence and complex systems of dialectical feelings.

Music specially composed by Mira Calix with the cellist Oliver Coates.

The visual manifestation of AUJIK, "impermanence trajectory: stained seed", is based on the idea of ​​computational dialectics via complex sentiment systems.
Using dialectical values, the concept and phenomena are expressed in terms of conflict, contradiction, opposition, difference, and so on. In thought, nature and society, they constitute the driving force of nature and human activity, leading to development.

It includes two topics: Agent X and Agent Y. Each subject is exposed to eight different emotional inputs that determine a value. The values ​​are also influenced by four different forces. These forces combine or divide the emotional values, generating random results based on their previous state, their environment, and the state of the other agent.

The trajectory begins with an initial state where the two agents each plant a seed. The seed develops according to the emotional states of the agent and the impact of the forces.
During the evolution of the seed, the tree – which represents the object – also changes shape and blooms gradually before it collapses under the effect of. a self-inflicted virus.
The virus generates a portal system – through the stress kernel – which involves another area of ​​emotions and consciousness that will allow them to resuscitate the process and adjust it again. Optimize cognitive and emotional parameters.

The emotional states of the agents are visualized by the head, symmetrical and reminiscent of the Rorschach test.
Their values ​​and their impact on the force are visible at the bottom of the image.
The agents themselves can be described as variables and algorithms used in computer code to develop artificial general intelligence.
By applying their emotional states to a dialectical format (thesis, dissertation and synthesis), they aim to improve their emotional outcomes and to refine in an impermanent perfection.
Artificial general intelligence and computer dialectical emotional systems.

Inspired by the article by Professor Hajime Sawamura of the University of Niigata, entitled "Computational Dialectics for Defense Agents".

About Mira Calix:
Mira Calix is ​​the stage name of Chantal Passamonte, a British artist who has signed for Warp Records. Although her previous music is almost exclusively electronic, in recent years she has incorporated classical instrumentation into her work for performance, recording, and installations.

Filmed in Shiga, Japan in 2013. Premiere of 15/01/2014 by Dazed & Confused magazine:

The video received an honorable mention at the Japan Media Arts Festival in Tokyo 2014 and was the centerpiece of an AUJIK installation as part of the group exhibition "Death is your Body & Art". # 39; at the Frankfurter Kunstverein in Frankfurt, in 2014.

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