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Twitter and Facebook report “fake” video shared by Donald Trump

The American president shared a video suggesting that Joe Biden supported him. But the Democratic nomination contestant's statement was truncated.

The American president pinned for disinformation by two giants of social networks. Twitter and Facebook reported that a video shared by Donald Trump on Monday March 9 was “false” and “manipulated”.

We see in particular Joe Biden, candidate for the democratic nomination, declaring to a crowd: “We will necessarily re-elect Donald Trump.” But this video was truncated: the end of his sentence echoed the need for the Democratic Party to end the internal attacks and unite to have a chance against the outgoing president. We will necessarily re-elect Donald Trump if we remain in this logic of execution platoon between us “, said in reality the ex-vice-president of Barack Obama. This montage was shared on the accounts of the President of the United States, and was seen more than 6 million times in the day alone on Monday.

Twitter and Facebook, a few months before the presidential election, must manage the risk of political disinformation. Facebook has thus chosen to give carte blanche to all candidates (local or national), for their messages or their advertisements, within the limits of general rules (against nudity, the risks of physical violence or even false information on the progress of 'a ballot).

Facebook assumes that it is up to the public and civil society to assess what the politicians say. But he stepped in this time because this deceptive video was posted before Donald Trump shared it. “Independent reviewers have rated this video as 'partly false', so we are reducing its broadcast and providing context for people who see it, are trying to share it, or have shared it before”, a spokesperson for the platform told AFP.

Twitter, for its part, has banned political advertisements. In early February, the platform also announced that it would start to fight against “manipulated” content: photo, video or audio montages that aim to deceive the public or risk harming people, by inciting violence or by wearing infringement of their freedom of expression.

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