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Ultimate Knockout “, the video game everyone is talking about

Almost a month after the release of the game “Fall Guys”, the conclusion is clear: with millions of downloads and hundreds of hours of play recorded, the video game is a hit. “Fall Guys” is one of the simplest games of this year, however. The key, perhaps, to its success.

The game Fall Guys break the codes. Gone are the clichés of online shooter games, which infuriate us when we lose and take hours of concentration to achieve the Grail of being the last player alive in the game.

With its colorful and funky universe and its cute sound effects, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has made its way into consoles and computers of gamers around the world in just a matter of days. Ten million copies sold in one week, on PS4 and PC. The principle is simple: 60 players are thrown into a tournament and compete against each other in different mini-games, until at the end, only one remains.

Fall Guys thus falls into the same category of game as Fortnite, one of the most played games in the world: the “battle royale”. Except here, no weapon, no building strategy or hours of training play to become the strongest. Fall Guys is closer to one Mario party revisited.

“The game is somewhat reminiscent of television shows you may have watched like Total Wipeout or Fort Boyard”, compares Thibaut, who plays Fall Guys for three days. “It's super fun and easy to play. Unlike Fortnite where you have to think about the combat, the construction and the players around you, this is where you only focus on the finish line. ”

The idea for the game was born in the minds of Joe Walsh and Jeff Tanton, respectively developer and lead designer of the game. Jeff Tanton recounts the beginnings of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout on Twitter. “In January 2018, I invited Joe Walsh to brainstorm a completely different pitch. There was a click, and it had a moment of revelation. ”

The two friends then work on a game named “Fool’s Gauntlet”, which brings together 100 people fighting against each other but also against the “Gauntlet”. It was a gamble to get into a “battle royale” mode. “It's a genre that is worn out over and over again by the boxes”, comments Julian “Ashen_JV” Madiot, editor at

The machine is started. Little by little, the game Fall Guys takes shape, especially thanks to the characters, continues Jeff Tanton. “They fail for our fun, but they always pick themselves up. They will always be heroic in their indefatigability. ”

The adventure continues, the game is announced at E3 2019, the world's largest video game show. On August 4, the game is released and the triumph is instantaneous. “It's hard to imagine now, but we had no idea if Fall Guys was going to be a success.” The game team has indeed sometimes been overwhelmed by its success: several times and from the release date, the servers of Fall Guys did not stand up to the influx of connected people. An episode that blocked thousands of players for several hours. The game team also had to deal with cheaters, who miraculously found themselves in front of the finish line within seconds of the start of the game.

To ensure a large number of downloads, the output of Fall Guys was nonetheless very well prepared, according to Julian “Ashen_JV” who wrote an article on the game's strategies. “Getting the game into the PS Plus from the start is very smart.” The game is indeed one of the games of the month of August on the Playstation Plus platform. Everyone with a subscription was therefore able to acquire the game for free. “Without subscription or on PC, the game is 20 euros. It's still a small amount. ” In no time the popularity of the game skyrocketed. “I only took it because it was free”, admits Tangui, a player.

The game also received good reviews from the beta release on the last weekend of July. By massively distributing game keys to streamers, those users who perform lives on platforms dedicated to streaming, Fall Guys hit the nail on the head. A large number of them played in front of their community in this addictive and good-natured title even before the official release of the game. Enough to raise expectations among future players.

Fall Guys allows you to play in the same game as three of your other friends, favoring multiplayer. (Screenshot of Quignon2pain's live on Twitch)

“It's a super fun game to watch”, explains Nina alias Quignon2pain, streamer on the Twitch platform. She played several times at Fall Guys in front of his community. “Certain situations make the streamers laugh as much as the viewers (the spectators note). It's a catchy game, you can play it with your friends but also your viewers. “ On Twitch, up to 220,000 viewers across all streams finally followed the first steps of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Today, the game can bring together 300,000 spectators on the platform, better than Fortnite and League of Legends, the most viewed categories on Twitch.

The game, which is happening in the midst of a health crisis around the world, makes you want to meet up with friends. The social dimension is important in Fall Guys, even essential for some players. “At the end of the evening, I play it with my girlfriend or my friends in vocal, we really play it to relax, to tease with friends”, confides Tangui.

Everyone is in the game, all screaming at the same time when one of us falls!Thibaut, Fall Guys playerto franceinfo

It must be said that the game is accessible to everyone. “I already played my little cousins ​​on my PC, they quickly learned the keys and the purpose of the game”, says Nina. The game catches the eye with its graphics and captivates with its sobriety. “If I had to remember one thing, it's really the simplicity of the game”, summarizes Thibaut. “We don't stress, we don't care about winning”, enriches Lucas, also a neo-player of Fall Guys. Addicting and addictive, it consoles players with the pressure of “Top 1”. When they finish first, they jump for joy. If they lose, no frustration.

However, despite the game being easy to understand, winning is not that easy. “With 40 to 50 hours of play, I only made one 'Top 1'. I am not so frustrated ”, admits Julian “Ashen_JV”. “We've been playing for four days with my roommate, and we only managed to win once, adds Thibaut. But when a game is too easy you get bored quickly, when this is a good in-between. “

Hardcore gamers can go around in circles, however, with mini games that keep coming back and playing over and over again. “I haven't made all the games yet, but it's a bit redundant”, Lucas observes. Despite everything, the addictive nature of Fall Guys means that few gamers tire of playing the same games over and over again. “The game is recent, it will grow over time, Tangui shade. I don't see that as a negative point. ” A few updates have already added new levels, suggesting that over time the number of mini-games will be much more.

Julian “Ashen_JV” Madiot points to another problem: “There is only one game mode! The lack of a personalized part is regrettable. You can't practice a particular mini-game. Streamers can't run tournaments either, which would be great to watch. ”

The game tends to develop, especially in China where a mobile version will arrive at the end of August. “There is a huge community playing on parent's tablet or phone. A mobile version can open up horizons”, Considers the editor. The game still seems to have a few surprises in store. “There is so much to come”, teases Jeff Tanton on Twitter. What to animate the players for some time yet.

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